Tension Stands

Tension stands provide the muscle for a Litzler dipping machine.  The tension stands, pull, stretch and isolate the tension in the fabric at up to 10,000 kilograms at over 100 mpm.

  • Tension stands are designed and built as solid rigid structures using heavy side-plate construction. Side plates are designed for high speed and high tension operation and will NEVER wear out from use. SIDE PLATE CONSTRUCTION IS A LONG LASTING AND PROVEN DESIGN VERSUS FRAGILE CAST BLOCK CONSTRUCTION.
  • Large 350 mm diameter rollers with heavy walled construction maintain low deflection under high tension and high speed.
  • Rolls are driven via quiet class 10 helical gears with automated lubrication baths.
  • Lube for life bearings.
  • Sideplate construction means easy access to rolls and bearings for future maintenance versus complete dismantling and lengthy downtime for cast block construction.
  • Load cell and stretch control depending on process requirements.