Conveyor Belt/Chafer

Litzler provides dipping machines for Conveyor Belt and Chafer materials. Both of these machines feature most of the same attributes as a tire cord dipping machine.
Conveyor belt machines are normally wider (up to 3 meters or more) and can accommodate much heavier fabrics for the industrial conveyor belt market.
Chafer machines are required for very light weight fabrics used in other parts of the tire. Chafer machines normally include a Litzler Tenter Oven.

Tenter (stenter) ovens

Litzler Tenter ovens feature all of the same attributes as our vertical oven systems:

  • Insulated panels
  • Ductwork to ensure uniformity
  • Flexible fuel options (gas, oil, steam, electric)
  • High efficiency nozzles for good heat transfer
  • Integration with the tenter chain (clip or pin style)