Litzler Automation for Tire Cord Dipping Machines

Litzler Automation engineers are the most experienced Tire Cord Dipping engineers in the world. Our team has experience around the world and countless machine development time working directly with the customers to optimize each system.

Litzler Automation is a specialized group within Litzler that designs and programs all of our machine systems. Litzler Automation is a dedicated group of experienced engineers tasked with the continuous improvement of dipping machine control. The LHMI is a complete machine brain with intuitive and robust control systems.

A tire cord dipping machine is one of the largest textile machines in the world. Control is critical to success and safety. With the average new machine operating at 100 mpm and utilizing 8000 Kilograms of tension, control of the process is critical.

The brain of any Litzler dipping machine is the PLC and the program that controls the operation. Litzler Automation uses name brand PLC systems like Allen Bradley and Siemens and is dedicated to an open source style.

The machine design uses proven programming logic that is easy to maintain and utilizes multiple machine networks (Ethernet based) for high speed communication and high speed machine resolution.

The PLC program controls every aspect of the machine including:

  • Temperature control of the ovens
  • Drive speed, tension and stretch for all the drives
  • Load cell operation
  • Guiding and Spreading operation
  • Data acquisition and alarms
  • Monitors the safety aspects of the machine
  • Remote internet support after commissioning
  • Open source code for the customer


The LHMI graphical interface is the main contact point of the machine for the operator. Litzler supplies large graphical screens using screen maps designed for optimal user interface experience. The LHMI is designed for operator ease of use plus layers of detail behind the scenes for experienced customer process engineers.

The LHMI screens are based on Litzler standards and customized to each customer preference.

Litzler offers dual language LHMI screens – English and the native language to make it easier for the customer.

Drive Systems

The machine AC drive system is the engine of the dipping machine. The drives control the fabric for speed, stretch and tension with 0.01% accuracy at 100 mpm. Litzler supplies robust name brand drives like Allen Bradley, ABB, and Siemens. Only components that have been rigorously tested in the field are used for the critical fabric control. Litzler evaluates each new generation of drives from the manufacturer to continue to offer the latest technology on each new machine.

The drive system includes a Common DC bus for energy savings via regeneration – this is the energy recovery based on the difference between the pulling motors and the hold back motors.