Surface Winder



The surface winder is the culmination of the complete tire cord dipping process. All of the upstream parameters must work in harmony to produce a high quality wound package. Speed, tension/stretch, spreading, drying and heat setting all contribute to the attributes of the wound package.

Litzler surface winders take the results of all of these process parameters to wind the high quality package. Years of on-machine development have resulted in an out-of-the box solution for winding in a simple and repeatable process.

  • Designed for years of high speed operation with engineered structural rigidity
  • Special polymer rolls driven with precise speed and tension control
  • PLC controlled winding curves for all styles and weights of fabrics
  • Integration of the final Litzler low tension spreader and Litzler three finger spreader (Rolliner) to optimize the proper width settings and produce a straight package
  • Integrated doff cycles with safe and fast package ejection sequence
  • Dedicated PLC/touchscreen for the winder for complete operator control of the winding process