Litzler Perfect Radiant® Treater

The Litzler Perfect Radiant® is the next generation of radiant treater. It advances proven radiant plate technology using electric energy. This is a major operating and process advantage as it introduces a clean, safe, reliable energy source with proven radiant technology for today’s demanding product quality.

How Does It Work?

Radiant heaters in a sealed chamber heat the Perfect Radiant® Plate. The patented plate precisely radiates energy to the web for even cross-web treatment. The oven has three process components:

Entry and Intermediate Components

  • Final zone
  • Solvent removal (purge air)
  • Entry and Intermediate Zones

The zone(s) features low temperature (up to 480°F/250°C) radiant energy to heat the rigid stainless steel Perfect Radiant® Plate. The radiating heat is efficiently absorbed by the web based on the principle of longwave infrared in the electromagnetic energy spectrum. This electric radiant technology provides adjustable cross-web temperatures, resulting in uniform cross-web solvent evaporation and curing.


  • Electric heaters heat the Perfect Radiant® Plate which isolates the heaters from the treatment chamber
  • Perfect Radiant® Plate evenly heats the web
  • Cross-web zoning gives perfect web temperature profile
  • Heater technology allows quick heat-up time and temperature changes

Final Zone

The final zone features eleven cross-web zones with sealed radiant heaters. These cross-web zones offer infinitely controllable cross-web accuracy to adjust final product properties such as melt-viscosity. The heater’s rapid response and precision supports an optional closed loop system with gauging or resin cure monitoring.


  • Multiple sealed heaters directly heat the web for final cross-web adjustment
  • Infinite cross-web control

Purge Air

Solvent concentration is controlled by a purge air system introducing clean, fresh, heated air at the top of the oven and exhausting it through the bottom to the oxidizer. Heat recovery from the oxidizer is the heat source for the clean purge air.