Other Complete Carbon Fiber Line Equipment


Litzler Automation Sizing System Screen

Sizing Systems

Litzler supplies engineered sizing stations as part of a Complete Carbon Fiber Line or for upgrading existing machines. Special sizing solutions are applied to the carbon fiber for downstream processing.

  • Custom heated sizing tanks with lift systems
  • Special large diameter dip rolls to ensure proper tow tracking and solution residence time
  • Precision squeeze rollers are used to evenly coat the tow
  • Conduction drying or non-contact hot air drying

Sizing Concentration Systems

Sizing Systems require precise control over chemicals and mixture concentration levels. Litzler offers a variety of options, depending on the need:

  • Mixing systems, including variable speed peristaltic pumps, concentration monitors, filters, stainless steel piping and PLC control with color touchscreen
  • Proprietary sizing tanks and buffer tanks including weir overflow level control
  • Pre-piped and tested systems feature PLC and recipe control through Litzler Automation
  • Epoxy and deionized water solutions are constantly monitored to maintain the specified mixture

Sizing Dryers

Water-based sizing requires special Sizing Dryers, which Litzler provides in multiple configurations:

  • Conduction dryers with large diameter steam or hot water drums
  • Hot air convection dryers for non-contact drying
  • High-efficiency impingement designs
  • Gas, electric or steam heat
  • Litzler Automation Control Systems


Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment is required to etch the fiber after carbonization. Litzler customizes the Surface Treatment for every application.

  • Stainless steel solution bath (electrically isolated)
  • Anode rollers/special rollers
  • Solution circulation systems
  • Conductivity control
  • Conduction dryers with steam or hot water drums
  • Heavy-duty rectifiers with adjustable current control
  • Litzler Automation Control Systems