Single End Treater

Litzler single end treaters are available for tire cord, hose, and V-belt yarns/cords. The machines processes including dipping for RFL yarns and unique “kiss” coaters for Isocyanate yarns and cement applications.

The single end machines include all the same attributes as other machines including tension stands, ovens, dip and vacuum systems, and Litzler Automation control systems.

Because these machines process individual yarns/cords, the tension stands and idler rolls can also include grooves to keep the yarns aligned during the process.

The machines are normally designed to operate with as few as 10 ends up to 300 ends with cord spacing from 4 mm up to 13 mm for larger denier cords. Speed is relative to the process with some machines designed to operate at 300 mpm.

The machines include a creel letoff system with tension control and individual winders/spoolers that can be integrated into the machine operation.

Oven systems are normally horizontal and can be supplied with several different air flow styles: Tunnel, down-flow, or jet nozzle impingement. The choice depends on the desired operating parameters and our process recommendations.