Accumulators are provided to allow the dipping machine to run continuously while splicing or doffing new rolls. The Letoff accumulator is normally 2-3 minutes and the windup accumulator is normally 1.5-2 minutes. Litzler believes that a single accumulator is more efficient and lower maintenance than tandem accumulators.

Litzler accumulators include multiple design features to improve the process

  • High strength structural frames to withstand the tension loading from up to 300 meters of high strength tire cord – the tire cord imposes large stress on the frame and Litzler accumulators are designed to maintain precise alignment for the life of the machine
  • Low friction deadshaft idler rolls – deadshaft rolls ensure low tension operation to minimize the fabric neck-down through the accumulator
  • Energy saving hydraulic power units for precise carriage travel and control
  • Internal load cell for tension monitoring in the accumulator. This information is linked to the LHMI for alarms and data acquisition
  • Internal guiding and spreading systems on high speed machines to maintain width setpoint and improve quality
  • Internal bow rolls are available for gentle spreading in lieu of low tension spreaders