Litzler Com-Preg™




COM-PREG™, a new Compact Pre-Preg Treater for high value pre-pregs, is designed for ultra thin multi-layer laminates and special high-value products. The benefits of the COM-PREG™ include:

  • In-house control over pre-preg supply and quality
  • Ability to produce small volumes of special materials
  • Ability to keep proprietary materials in-house
  • Experiment with new materials and resins
  • Prototype new products quickly and cost effectively

The COM-PREG™ offers the same technology as the full-size treater, but is optimized for special multi-layer needs. The advantages over a full-sized treater include:

  • Ability to produce lightweight materials at low tensions
  • Lower capital costs
  • Lower installation costs
  • Compact/modular design for fast installation and startup
  • Quick product mix changes

The LItzler COM-PREG™ is available with the patented Perfect Radiant® oven system or the high temperature OPTI-FLOW convection oven for Teflon applications.