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Litzler Presents Entry-Level Solution Prepreg Treater


Litzler is excited to present an entry-level solution based vertical prepreg treater for the composites industry. The system is designed for unwinding, dipping, drying, and winding of woven fabric under controlled conditions. The solvent based system utilizes a smaller oven allowing a lower cost option as an entry to composites.

Litzler ovens utilize the “Opti-flow” technology for uniform flow and temperature uniformity – especially side-to-side uniformity.

As the demand for lower cost prepregs increases in the composites industry, specifically the automotive and aerospace market, Litzler continues to expand their product line. Litzler also offers:

  • Decades of dryer technology experience
  • Superior compaction rolls
  • Tow spreading experience
  • Expertise in controls design and automation

Please contact Litzler at 216-267-8020 for more information.

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