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Litzler Offers New Computreater CF


C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. announces a breakthrough for carbon fiber development. The Computreater CF is the laboratory model of Litzler’s advanced high production carbon fiber systems. The Computreater CF can be used by Universities, Research Institutes, PAN producers and Carbon Fiber producers to develop new carbon fiber precursors and fibers. The system can also be used by existing carbon fiber producers to test and evaluate incoming PAN precursor quality. The Computreater CF can be used to develop more efficient production theories and alternate sizing chemistries.

System benefits include:
•    Enables research and development to be on a full time schedule, fully integrated and located in one facility
•    Reduces experimental costs
•    Eliminates the need for costly and lengthy development programs

The system includes the following functions:
•    PAN creel with tension control
•    Pretreatment
•    Three-330C Litzler oxidation ovens with conveyor rollers
•    Tension/draw controls in multiple zones
•    LT/HT Furnaces
•    Sizing system
•    Surface treatment
•    Winder
•    Integrated controls for operation and analysis

The Computreater CF is designed for use with a single tow. Tows from less than 1K of size up to 50K tow.

Litzler laboratory and full size systems are in operation around the world. The Computreater CF offers the same Litzler technology optimized for developmental and quality applications.

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