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Litzler Designs World-Class 60 mpm Tire Cord Dipping Line


C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. has received an order to design and build a 60 mpm Tire Cord Dipping Line for Rajashree Polyfil, a division of Century Enka Limited India (BK Birla group company). Benefits of the Litzler Tire Cord Line include:

  • Multiple tension zones throughout the line providing maximum flexibility for elongating/relaxing the material to meet specific processing criteria.
  • Line speed of 60 m/min at maximum tension, with the ability to increase speed to 80 m/min at reduced tension.
  • Speed and tension control accuracy of ±0.1% to achieve control of critical material processes.

Litzler offers 57 years of experience designing ovens which are the most critical component for tire cord production. Litzler ovens are specially designed for tire cord drying and curing. The ovens feature all of the technical innovations that Litzler is known for, including:

  • High velocity jet nozzles for consistently uniform heat transfer.
  • Precise temperature control for optimum safety and highest product quality.
  • Energy efficient oven designs utilizing premium efficiency motors and variable speed drives for lower operating costs.
  • State-of-the-art controls by Litzler Automation, including multiple PLCs with Hot Backup and ethernet communications, save installation time and costs.

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