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Litzler Commissions Carbon Fiber Oxidation Ovens


C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. has commissioned 5 double oxidation ovens for a carbon fiber line in Northwest China. Litzler Oxidation Oven Systems are designed with exclusive, high accuracy, cross-flow oven technology with the patented End-Seal System.

The alternating cross-flow design provides uniform airflow across the entire tow band at up to 4 meters wide. Litzler ovens have successfully processed 1k tow up to 350k tow. T800 quality has been achieved by customers using cross-flow oxidizing.

Litzler ovens also include the patented End-Seals that effectively seal the ends of the oxidation oven. This prevents cold air from infiltrating the oven and provides consistent airflow and temperature uniformity while minimizing fugitive emissions. Only Litzler ovens have this exclusive patented End-Seal System.

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