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Carbon Fiber Oxidation End-Seal Cuts Oven Energy Use by 50%


C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. announces the 5th generation of the patented End-Seal for Carbon Fiber Oxidation Ovens. The Litzler End-Seal System reduces the oven exhaust by 50% thereby reducing the size of the pollution control devices and reducing the overall energy usage.

The End-Seal effectively seals and lengthens the heated area of the oven chamber to also increase fiber throughput.

The Litzler End-Seal was patented in 1995 and has been installed on over 75 Oxidation Ovens around the world. The new updated design can be retrofitted to any existing oven and is available for all new systems.

Litzler designs and manufacturers Oxidation Ovens, Roll Stands, PrePreg Treaters and Automation Systems for the Carbon Fiber Industry.

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