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C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. Presents UD Pilot Machine


C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. is pleased to announce their line of UD Pilot Machines to develop high quality unidirectional and woven prepregs.

Litzler has supplied solution style prepreg machines since 1959 and now offers WAECO hot-melt systems for development situations. Litzler systems also include on-line and off-line filmers as well as a unique and patent pending Thermoplastic prepreg machine.

Litzler hot-melt equipment utilizes the “S-wrap”™ prepreg process. This process has advanced the prepreg process to a reliable and repeatable process and has removed it from the “black art” arena. The “S-wrap”™ machine can increase production up to 100 fpm on a standard machine.  Typical competing designs are only useful up to 15 fpm.

Carbon Fiber Oxidation Ovens and complete Carbon Fiber systems are also available from Litzler.

Litzler will be exhibiting at JEC Europe in Paris March 27-29 in booth #G43b and SAMPE in Baltimore May 21-24 in booth #417.

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