Series CB Infrared Heaters

Series CB heaters are efficient, long to medium wavelength infrared panel heaters for rugged industrial heating applications requiring excellent uniformity.

  • Operates at surface temperatures up to 1350 F (2.9 micron-peak)
  • Designs up to 25 watts per square inch
  • Unique black glass/ceramic face material
  • Highly efficient and effective. Efficiencies exceeding 83% have been proven
  • Heats up to processing temperatures in about 3 – 5 minutes
  • Cools down to “safe” temperatures in about 5 – 10 minutes
  • Operating life in excess of 10,000 hours is expected when operated at 80% of rated output
  • Uniform full heat area
  • Resistive load can be precisely controlled
  • Completely field serviceable
  • Heats all colors uniformly