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Litzler Human/Machine Interface (LHMI)

Today's competitive business environment demands excellence in manufacturing. To meet our customer's high production and safety standards, Litzler offers a computerized control center – the Litzler Human/Machine Interface (LHMI) – on all of our systems.

LHMI, the nerve center of a Litzler Production System, monitors and records vital process information through hundreds of sensors. By controlling the critical functions, via recipe management, LHMI assures consistent process conditions day after day.

Speed, temperature and tension become a function of the computer:

  • The LHMI recipe manager automatically sets speed, temperature, tension, and other variables, to simplify production runs for the operators
  • The operator interface is an easy-to-use, intuitive graphic display
  • LHMI prints a quality report on request
  • The system PC stores data for historical trending
  • A built-in security system prevents human error
  • Modem communication for remote diagnosis
  • LHMI's SPC program encourages continuous improvement by providing real-time performance information and comparing it with defined high and low control limits
  • LHMI uses standard commercial software that allows the customer to add additional functions at any time
  • Proven Windows platform on a standard PC