Litzler Automation

Process Ovens

The heart of every Litzler Fabric Treating System is the Heat-Set Oven, where the molecular orientation of the individual filament occurs. Precisely controlled time, temperature and tension determines the ultimate strength and modulus of the cord within the fabric.

The Normalize Oven reheats the fabric at a slightly lower temperature and with less stretch and tension. This relaxes the cord and provides an additional 5 to 15 percent tensile strength to the individual cords.

Construction and Features

The oven supply system directs high velocity heated air at the cord with Litzler’s proprietary nozzle jets. The computer-designed supply headers and nozzle jets provide rapid and uniform heating. Temperature accuracy and heat transfer uniformity is +/- 1.5°C across the web and +/- 2.5°C from top to bottom of each oven.

In addition to Litzler nozzle jets, there are several features exclusive to Litzler tower ovens:

VAPOR-PROOF -- An all-welded panel system. Since no contaminates or finish oils can penetrate the panel, fire hazards are greatly reduced.
•SUPER-SEAL -- A sealing system to create a mechanical labyrinth against leakage.

LITZ-COOL -- A quick-cool system. In the event of an emergency stop, the hot jetted air is automatically directed away from the fabric and through the exhaust system. This prevents melting of cord during an E-stop.

PLASMA COATED Oven Rolls -- Rolls after the
dip are coated with a metalized coating. The coated rolls minimize pick off, eliminate static, last longer than Teflon sleeves and are easier to clean than chrome plate.
LMMI controls the oven temperature and air velocity via precisely located thermocouples and velocity sensors. Additional sensors are placed in strategic places to monitor temperatures throughout the oven.