Litzler Automation

Prepreg Machinery

Litzler offers a line of Prepreg Machinery, including hot melt and solution-based style machinery.

Hot Melt Prepreg Machinery

  • Systems for Development and Production Scale with Widths From 12” to 60” Wide
  • Machines Include On-line and Off-line Filmers as Well as a Unique and Patent Pending Thermoplastic Prepreg Machine
  • “S” Wrap Style Machine
  • Increase Production Speeds up to 100 fpm
  • Hot Melt Three Roll Reverse Roll Filmers
  • Single Tow Drum Winders
  • Fiber Unwind Creels
  • Machine Upgrades

Solution-Based Prepreg Machinery

  • Woven and Unidirectional
  • Horizontal and Vertical Systems
  • Machine Upgrades

Tow Preg Machinery 

Thermoplastic Prepreg Machinery

Drum Winders

Download the Litzler Prepreg Machinery Questionnaire here.