Litzler Automation

Litzler Philosophy

At Litzler, we are project-oriented rather than product-oriented.  We work with our valued customers to address all operating needs—from planning and development to follow-up service.  We don’t simply apply our equipment to the customer’s operations, we develop world-class solutions to fit their individual needs.  We partner with our customers to achieve successful project results.

The Litzler Project-Oriented Philosophy is based on Litzler's commitment to the ongoing operational success of every customer. It is achieved via open communication—and simply by being accomodating to your needs.

To customers, this Philosophy means:

  • Each project—whether an entire system or the updating of components and accessories—begins with a thorough examination of the customer's needs and objectives.
  • The Litzler project team conducts a design review with the customer to ensure a full understanding of operating and user needs before construction or installation.
  • One manager has sole responsibility for the project—good management means projects stay on schedule and every detail is analyzed.
  • A full-time service staff is available for machine installation, commissioning and follow-up.
  • Project documentation is thorough and easy to understand.
  • Litzler equipment features commercial software and spare parts that are easy to acquire.
  • Final machine acceptance is just the beginning of Litzler's commitment to long-term customer service and satisfaction.