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Industrial Textile Treating Systems

Litzler designs and builds textile impregnating and coating systems for textiles industries including tire cord, belts and canvas. Litzler offers a combination of heating technologies to address every customer’s needs. Our combination dryers utilizing infrared, convection or radio frequency are customized for the ideal solution to suit your production needs.
In addition, Litzler manufactures custom Fabric Treating Systems for the adhesion and thermal treatment of tire cord, belt and canvas. Litzler also manufactures metering rolls, trim removal, let-offs, accumulators, tension stands, and winders for the textile industry.

Radio Frequencey Heaters and Dryers from PSC

PSC, Inc., a subsidiary of Litzler, is the world leader in innovative Radio Frequency (RF) heaters and dryers. Our unique fiberglass roving dryers are the world standard. PSC Radio Frequency dryers are used for fiberglass rovings, chopped strand mat and cords. Our Radio Frequency dryers can also be used to heat or dry other industrial fabrics and cords made of polymer and ceramic materials. Working with our parent company Litzler, PSC has the unique capability of providing dryers using convection, infrared and HF heating technologies together.

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