Litzler Automation

Heating Systems

Litzler custom designs ovens that are heated efficiently, using the most cost-effective fuel available.
 Fuel types include:

  • Electric
  • LPG & Natural Gas
  • Steam
  • Fuel Oils
  • Coal

Direct or indirect heaters are easily integrated into Litzler oven systems. When using LPG gas, natural gas or low sulfur light fuel oil, a direct heating system is recommended. When high sulfur oil, heavy fuel oil or coal are available, indirect heating methods are recommended. Indirect steam heating also is used in lower-temperature ovens up to 180°C.

The most common indirect heating system is the Circulating Heating Fluid System. A high-efficiency heater heats the circulating hot oil up to 315°C. Heat exchangers transfer the hot oil thermal energy to the circulating air stream.


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