Litzler Automation

Drying Technologies

Litzler knows that no single heating technology, whether infrared, radio frequency or convection, can alone meet the complex requirements of today's manufacturers. That is why Litzler offers combination dryers and ovens: To provide the perfect combination of infrared and convection, or radio frequency and convection technologies. Each of these systems has its own capabilities and limitations.

Drying is the removal of a solvent from a product. This term is sometimes used interchangeably with heating or curing. Heating is simply raising the temperature of a product while curing is holding a product at a temperature for a given time to complete a reaction. Methods of heat transfer used in ovens and dryers are conduction, convection, and infrared/radiant. Radio frequency is the transfer of energy to create heat. Each method has a list of benefits and challenges for manufacturing processes. As a result, it is common to design combination ovens to utilize the benefits of two technologies together. For example, an oven utilizing both radiant/infrared and convection improves the process by having the high rate of heat transfer of radiant/infrared with the uniform heating of convection.

Litzler offers the following types of continuous drying and oven systems: