Litzler Automation


Let Offs

Let Offs accurately control fabric tension using load cell feedback for closed loop control. Multi-puck brakes or inverter drives provide a wide range of operating tensions to process both light and heavy fabrics.   


Fabric Storage Accumulators maintain continuous operation of the treating system. Hydraulic cylinders provide uniform and adjustable tension on the fabric. Rigid construction, pre-stretched chains and alignment shafts provide positive tracking to prevent fabric shift for years of consistent operation.

Plastank Dipping Stations

Litzler Dip Tanks, sized to minimize dip waste, are made of high-molecular-weight polymer. The plastic has enhanced release properties that reduce cleaning time as much as 75 percent.

Litzler Uni-Squeeze Rolls assure uniform squeeze pressure. Squeeze boost is activated by the LMMI for extra pressure when splices are detected.

Plas-Vac Vacuum Extractors

The Litzler PLAS-VAC Vacuum Extractor, or DeWebber, was developed with extensive research and customer input and uses the latest technology in both construction and control. The system plays a critical role in adhesion and product quality.

The PLAS-VAC includes a vacuum head, primary settling box, secondary settling box, bag filter and fan. For easy cleaning, the vacuum head and primary settling box are made of the same high-molecular-weight polymer as Litzler Dip Tanks. Vacuum pressure for each product is controlled via LMMI using inverter AC variable speed drives with feedback pressure sensors.

The Litzler PLAS-VAC also features SLOT-CLEAN, a continuous automatic slot-cleaning device:
  • Easy-to-remove, track-mounted heads with a repeatable positioning system
  • A precision-machined, nozzle slot ensures accurate suction velocity
  • A high static pressure blower with an AC inverter drive motor to suit all parameters
  • Primary polymer setting box for fast, efficient separation

MM (Match Machined) Tension Stands

Litzler MM Tension Stands convey the tire cord through the treating system and allow separate tensions in the process zones. Matched machining ensures perfect alignment of rolls, bearings and gears. All bearings are lubed for life. Each tension stand includes an automatic oil pumping lubrication system for the gears.
Engineers use computer programs to select the proper number and size of tension stand rolls and bearings.

To ensure critical alignments and reduce field installation time and cost, Litzler MM tension stands are fully factory assembled, tested and certified to exacting standards.

Perfect-Wind Surface Winders

The Litzler PERFECT-WIND Surface Winder, which produces rolls up to 2000 mm in diameter, maintains accurate end count from beginning to end of the wound package and ensures a finished package with straight edges.
  • Litzler's patented, three-finger spreader -- the Rolliner -- spreads treated tire cord and orients selvages prior to winding
  • An electronic loadcell precisely measures compaction force to accurately control package hardness. This assures square sided package within a guaranteed tolerance +/- 2mm layer to layer
  • Easy-to-use touch screen controls, ergonomic design and a smooth ejection system allow for quick and easy roll doffs.
  • The Litzler Perfect-Cut motorized cutoff can be installed at the winding table.

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