Litzler Automation

Combination Ovens and Dryers

Litzler knows that no single heating technology, whether infrared, radio frequency or convection, can alone meet the complex and changing requirements of today's manufacturing needs. Each has its own capabilities and limitations. That is why Litzler offers combination dryers and ovens: To provide the perfect combination of infrared and convection, or radio frequency and convection technologies.

Combination ovens are the combination of both infrared and convection, or radio frequency and convection, in a single oven. Combination ovens have independent temperature controls for the convection, infrared or radio frequency (RF).

THERMODRY™ combination dryers and THERMOCURE™ combination ovens utilize a combination of infrared and convection to solve the challenges of drying and curing. Litzler follows a systematic approach to the design of drying and curing ovens. We thoroughly analyze your needs and constraints, and then design a flexible oven to operate efficiently and to effectively provide the optimum results you require.

Combination convection and radio frequency dryers are also available through Litzler and its subsidiary PSC. Four main combinations include RF pre-heat, RF boost, RF finish, and full RF/Convection. Each combination offers benefits to improve the drying process.

Benefits of Our Combination Dryers and Ovens

  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Hold temperatures to within two degrees of the set point
  • Require less space
  • Typically cost less to operate than the systems they replace

Combination ovens provide the best of both worlds. The use of two technologies delivers more effective and efficient heat transfer, while increasing productivity and quality at reduced operating costs.