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Carbon Fiber Oxidation Ovens

Litzler manufactures Pilot and Production Oxidation Ovens used in carbon fiber production.  Every Oxidation Oven utilizes Litzler’s exclusive Cross-Flow technology.  This Cross-Flow design is successfully producing 1k tow up to 350k tow in plants around the world. Complete line integration is also available.

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End Seals

The Litzler Oxidation Ovens include the patented End-Seal system that increases production capability up to 15-25% over older technologies.  The End-Seal minimizes cold air infiltration at the bottom of the oven and hot air from escaping at the top of the oven.  Patented venturi airbars are located above and below each fiber band. Each airbar is individually controlled using dampers. Our design uses hot air from the process to keep the tow at temperature and avoid tar build-up.
End-Seals can also be retrofitted to existing ovens.

Roll Stands

Litzler also supplies highly engineered Roll Stands with large diameter rolls to minimize deflection and allow easier operator access.  Roll Stands include several unique features developed to improve tracking and alignment of large quantities of wide tow.
Individual adjusting mechanisms provide precise bearing and roll alignment, without the need for shims, resulting in faster installation and more accurate product tracking.
Most Rolls are hard chrome-plated with a matte finish to minimize fiber removal and roll wrap. Rolls are computer designed for optimal diameter to provide minimum deflection. Journals and bearings are oversized to prolong operational life.  Rolls can be provided with flat finish or grooved to match tow band pitch.

Benefits of Litzler Oxidation Ovens:

  • Improved temperature uniformity
  • Minimized escape of toxic gases
  •  Reduced oven exhaust
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • All oxidation ovens are designed using our state-of-the-art 3D design software which allows for faster design times, automatic check for part interference and more efficient manufacturing techniques.
  • Litzler utilizes Fluent® CFD software to model airflow and temperature uniformity prior to manufacturing. This cutting edge technology allows us to optimize our oven temperature and flow distributions to match specific customer requirements. 
      Airflow Graph

Litzler also manufactures complete Vertical and Horizontal Pre-Preg Systems and UD Tape Lines including ovens, unwinds, metering rolls, compaction stations, winders, accumulators, and Litzler Automation Control Systems.  COM-PREG™, a compact laboratory Pre-Preg Treater, is also available.  
Litzler oxidation ovens are in operation in the United States, China, Taiwan and Western Europe.

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End Seal

End Seal


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