Litzler Automation


Safety Chucks

Litzler safety chucks feature convenient handle operation and easily replaceable inserts. A pair of chucks hold fabric packages up to 3000 kg.

Guiders and Spreaders

Guiding and spreading is an important element to quality line operation. Litzler Guiders and Spreaders have:

  • Discriminating sensors and transmitters to eliminate interference from other light
  • O-frame mountings that feature sensors and transmitters across the full machine width. This allows automatic guiding and spreading of different web widths
  • Electro-mechanical units for responsive guiding action
  • Sensors and transmitters designed for densities as low as 8 epi (3 ends per cm)


Litzler's patented Rolliner three-finger spreader is used where selvage spreading is critical. The patented three-finger action spreads the fabric edges to ensure proper end count.   


Litzler offers two field-proven softening systems.

  • BAR-FLEX uses air-operated knife bars to vary the break angle and adjust flex pressure and depth. Brush rolls and vacuum systems are available.
  • GEAR-FLEX features two air-operated gear rolls that engage the fabric in a "biting" fashion.

Inspection Machine

The Litzler inspection rewind machine is available for off-line inspection of finished products. The inspection machine features guiding, spreading and tension controls.

Auto Wrap

An automatic wrapping machine is available to seal finished packages for protection during storage and shipping.

Auto Splice Detect

A system that senses and tracks the sewn splice from letoff to windup through the LMMI.