Litzler Automation

AC Inverter Drives

Litzler Vector AC inverter drives provide the highest level of accuracy available and are controlled by LHMI to maintain speed, tension and stretch.

  • Stretch is maintained within ±0.1 percent of the setpoint.
  • Tension is maintained within ±0.1 percent of the total rated value.
  • Speed is maintained to an accuracy of ±0.01 percent of set speed.
  • Precision control allows a speed change from maximum to zero without loss of tension or damage to the tire cord.

AC inverters have a power factor up to .98 and are powered through a common DC buss. Each drive redistributes power depending on whether it is
 motoring or regenerating. This power distribution reduces utility costs by using only 25 to 30 percent of the total rated (kw) of all drives.